Monday, February 20, 2012


Ok, I confess... I'm guilty of bashing Twitter and those who "Tweet". Until a few days ago, I honestly thought that Twitter was just another way for people to post what they're doing at any moment of the day - like status updates on Facebook. Low and behold, this is not the case! Twitter appears to be a GREAT resource to find all sorts of stuff! I found a meatless recipe that looked fantastic in all of 10 seconds - without having to search through "Googles" of websites...niiice.

From a professional standpoint, I can easily see how this resource could open the door to limitless amounts of knowledge about any subject known to man. As a teacher, this would be an amazing tool to follow someone in your subject area to gain new ideas.

It's just the beginning... if you haven't tweeted - good luck resisting the urge! As my best friend always says: "Sharing is Caring"! So Follow me (and show me that you care!)

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  1. I like your background, and I use to make fun of Twitter also.